A very special radiation

A special feature of gardens at altitude is the high UV radiation. Because of this special light spectrum, many flower colors appear particularly bright and impressive. This radiation together with the early beginning of low temperatures, it leads to early onset
of autumn coloring, which offers additional color appeal.
Furthermore, many plants can increase the performance of photosynthesize using this high-energy light spectrum
which means producing more sugar. That’s why plants at height can be so beautiful and grow vigorously, although the growing season is much shorter.
The most beautiful hours here in our gardens are the early morning hours as well as dusk. The latter starts relatively early, as the sun is already behind the mountains early disappears.

What are the Big Five?

The Big Five refers to the well-known five large mammals of Africa, i.e. elephant, lion and co. The five large-flowered tall perennials were chosen as plant counterparts.
These bloom in the order below and include both wild species and garden hybrids:
Papaver – poppy
Paeonia – Peonies
Iris – Irises
Hemerocallis – Daylilies
Delphinium – Delphinium