Thomas Mann (6.6.1875 – 8.12.1955 Zürich)

The second son of a Lübeck merchant is of particular importance to us at Schatzalp. Especially through his novel “The Magic Mountain,” published in 1924, for which he gathered his inspiration right here

Karl Förster (3.9.1874 Berlin – 11.27.1970 Potsdam)

was a well-known German perennial gardener, garden writer, poet and plant breeder. His flowery descriptions of plants and his excellent breedings are still very popular today. For example, he spoke of „harp and timpani“ and meant the association of graceful, small-leaved plants with particularly large-leaved plants. One of his passions was delphiniums. Stability and resistance to disease were very important to him. Some of his Delphinium varieties can still be admired here, at the Thomas Mann Patz