Whatever your interest, whether it is botanical, gardening or simply the beauty of the garden and you would like to support us, we offer different options.

Is there anything more peaceful for human beeings than occupy oneself with one of the most important basics in life, plants?


You’d like to participate more in our garden, plants and our work?
You can support us on different levels and become a member in a very special kind of community, the society of friends and supporters of the Alpinum Schatzalp, and give us a hand with the following opportunities.


If you would like to help us with a special kind of sponsorship by adopting a tree or a genus of plants? May be a flower reminds you of a particularly special moment in life?

Or you can adopt a tree or a genus as special present to a person close to you.

In both cases we provide a plaque for the donor or receiver of the present

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If you choose to get married on our grounds and would like to keep the most beautiful day in your life in mind you may like to plant a tree as a memory?

Similarly, you may like to celebrate your birthday and plant a special flower in rememberance?

Or you simply want to give a good friend a special present?
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If you or your company would like to donate to us for a special purpose such as our planed broshure; okant labeling; garden furniture or a construction, this will be gratefully acknowledged, if you would like to be named.

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